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Our Web Design Process

Our structured approach to website design and development ensures that the end product matches your needs and provides your audience with the right message.

We follow a six step process while developing every website :



To build the best solution for you, we gather as much information as possible about your business, your target audience, your goals and your competitors. After all, your website isn't about you, it's about your customers - what they are looking to achieve when they visit your website.



We then use this information to create an estimate for your project. The estimate outlines how we see your project taking shape, what content management modules will suit your needs, plus any additional features we believe will set your website apart from others in your industry.



We use all the tools of the trade when creating your design: imagery, typography, colours - these all play an important role in your bespoke design. The end product will be a design which not only looks beautiful, but that works.



This is when your web project really starts to take shape. Our attention to detail in this process includes the user experience and search engine optimization. Throughout the development process, you will have access to our testing server to view progress and provide feedback.


Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test your website to ensure that it performs flawlessly across all major browsers. This includes popular mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  At this point, you will also be able to fully test the site to make sure everything works the way you expect.



It's time to go live and unleash your website to the world!  Our deployment strategy includes another round of testing as well as submitting your website to the major search engines, and announcing your new site on social networking sites, ensuring your website gets noticed as quickly as possible.