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About Outrageous Creations

Outrageous Creations is a digital marketing agency located in the heart of Newmarket, Ontario,  just north of Toronto.  

Founded in 1998, by creative professionals Al Redpath & Kerri McGregor, we built our reputation on creating stylish, unique and engaging websites for our clients.

Getting in at the 'ground level' of the web means we have an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge which forms the rock solid foundation for our website projects.

We see ourselves as partners with our clients, making sure we fully understand their business in order to help them grow their customer base and revenues.

Our Values

Our core values are what drives us each day, and are behind every decision we make:

  • Customer Centered
    We value the role we play with increasing our clients' business, improving their reputation, and giving them peace of mind.
  • Do the right thing
    Always being honest, authentic and accountable guides us to make the right decision for our clients.
  • Raise the Bar
    We consistently push ourselves to keep on top of new technologies, trends, and ensuring the solutions we provide our clients will outshine what their competitors are doing.
  • Meaningful Relationships
    Our clients become our strongest advocates, and we make sure that we regularly earn their trust and confidence.

We are motivated by helping our clients thrive with their business.